Looking Back

Written by Ron E Carter on . Posted in News

For those many people still waiting for confirmation of joining the mailing list, sincere apologies, there is quite a backlog which we are now in the process of shifting.
I am still engaged on the ‘Play Hendrix’ tour with Mike Mondesir on bass and Mark Mondesir on drums. Although this tour is shortly to come to a close it will be immediately replaced with a tour of new material. While the feel will be predominantly rock-funk I am still hoping to resume my jazz fusion work with some interesting guests along the way such as Sovra Wilson-Dixon (who played violin on Little Wing on my album ‘Play Hendrix’ (www.sovra.com), master vocalist pianist and guitar maestro Kio to name but a few.
We have had some great fun along the way playing the current tour hooking up with some great people. We have recently hooked up with Pete Feenstra with whom we will be doing quite a few more appearances (www.feenstra.co.uk).

As for other plans in the future, there is never a shortage of those and I shall be embarking on a fresh round of composing very shortly with recording starting end of this year.
Thanks to all of those who supported me so far and keep positive.